Just a few days ago, the first full casino of the Yantarnaya gambling zone in Russia‘s “Amberland” opened with work still underway but the venue operating in what is being called ‘technical mode’. The casino goes by the name of Sobranie and is currently open 24 hours a day.

Sobranie casino was opened without much fanfare as no announcement was made in regards to an opening ceremony. However, according to Agbrief, it is believed that the opening ceremony was held earlier in the week.

The Yantarnaya gambling zone is located in Kaliningrad and will become a mecca of sorts as it will offer fifteen casinos in total once all gaming venues are complete and in operation. The gambling zone will also be home to 21 hotels with plenty of space for overnight guests with a water park, theater, concert halls and stadiums for entertainment. The zone will also include retail shops and SPA salons.

Magic Crystal was the first facility in the area to open back in April, offering slot machine gaming. Just last week, authorities in the region provided a gaming license to Uni Gaming, a Russian company that will be operating in the Yantarnaya gambling zone.

It is believed that once the zone has been fully developed, by 2029, the total investments to the region will be RUB 45 billion which is equal to $725 million.