According to the 2016 Edition of the Indian Gaming Industry Report, which provides a detailed accounting of  the most up to date and available information related to Indian gaming in the United States, in 2014, the commercial casino segments performance showed a decline of approximately two percent, the complete opposite of that of Indian gaming.

Written by economist, Dr. Alan Meister, the Indian Gaming Industry Report (2016 Edition) includes a directory of the 489 Indian gaming facilities that operated in the United States in 2014 along with a cross-reference listing of 243 gaming tribes and the facilities they own. It includes the most current information available for year-over-year comparisons for both non-gaming and gaming related revenue from the United States’ 489 Indian Gaming facilities operating in 2014, which cross-references their 243 gaming tribes and the gaming facilities owned by them.

According to the 2016 Edition of the Report, in 2014, 43.5 percent of all revenue from casino gaming in the US was generated by Indian gaming, an increase of approximately two percent during the year that culminated in $28.9 billion, the highest recorded amount, according to G3 Newswire.

Across 28 states in 2014, close to 352,000 machines used for gaming and 7,800 table games were operated by 243 Native American tribes spread out over 489 gaming facilities. For the fifth consecutive year, gaming revenue at the nation’s Indian gaming facilities grew in 2014. Indian gaming facilities’ non-gaming revenue growth rate of five percent more than doubled that of gaming revenue. During the year, there were major performance variations within Indian gaming.

Twenty states saw an increase in gaming revenue, which included three states’ double-digit growth, which in eight states gaming revenue declined. Approximately 39 percent of all gaming revenue from Indian gaming facilities was generated from the top two states, with approximately 62 percent generated from the top five states, and 85 percent generated from the top 10 states.

Directly and indirectly, with non-gaming operations included, Indian gaming facilities generated approximately $1.7 billion in federal, state, and local taxes, $32.6 billion in wages, 738,000 jobs, $95 billion in output, and $8 billion in direct revenue sharing payments to local, state, and federal governments.

In March this year, Casino City Press released the 2016 Edition of Casino City’s Indian Gaming Industry Report and earlier this month, Research and Markets, which claims to be “the world’s largest market research store,” announced that it would be adding the Indian Gaming Industry Report to their offering.

This article has been updated to reflect certain data from 2016 edition.