The former Lucky Dragon of Las Vegas is now renamed and open, with the new owner revealing the title as well as the fact that the property’s old casino space will be renovated to offer non-gaming amenities. Owner Don Ahern has named the facility the Ahern Hotel and reportedly has sold thousands of room nights after being open for business for a few months.

Hotel Space:

The Ahern continues to have the red exterior that players are familiar with when the property was known as the Lucky Dragon. However, the hotel rooms have been redecorated. The facility now has plans to redo the former casino building with construction to start by March. The building will be home to several restaurants and a convention area but no casino.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal

Ahern stated that the convention and restaurant section will have a different name than the Ahern Hotel, but what that will be has yet to be revealed. According to the new owner, the changes to the 2.5-acre property will come in at just under $10 million. The goal is to have the entire facility up and running by July 4th.

A 2019 Purchase:

Ahern purchased the property in 2019 and is ready to get the off-Strip resort up and running. The casino was first developed by Andrew Fonfa and titled the Lucky Dragon. The facility was the first hotel/casino to be constructed from the ground up in Las Vegas since the recession took place and opened in 2016. However, the casino was unable to gain any traction and it was closed less than two years after its opening day in early 2018.

Ahern paid $36 million to purchase the property and announced from the very beginning he had plans to reopen as a non-gaming facility. Don Ahern is the Chief Executive and Chairman of Ahern Rentals Incorporated, a construction-equipment firm.