The popular East Coast casino has introduced the Rolling Chip to the United States in two of its gaming areas at the resort in Connecticut. It will initially only be available in the resort’s baccarat tables in the Club Newport and Stargazer casinos but will eventually extend to other areas of the casino. The Rolling Chip has long been popular in casinos in Macau but this is the first time its been introduced in America.

Customers using the Rolling Chip program get a 1.5% rebate instantly when they purchase chips. When playing with the Rolling Chips, the customer wins are paid in regular chips and losing bets are taking back by the house. With this type of instant advance rebate, the customer gets to play longer on the same amount of money.

“We are thrilled to be the first casino in the country to offer this option to our casino patrons. We believe this program offers our customers more of what they want at a gaming facility, the ability to play their favorite game longer,” said newly appointed president of the Mashantucket Gaming Enterprise (MPGE),Mike Speller. “We are continually striving to deliver the best gaming experience to our customer, and based upon the popularity of this program in Macau, we wanted to be the first casino in the United States to make this available to our patrons.”