According to a report on, just months after a raid took place and closed down the Cercle Cadet and Aviation Club de France gaming cercles, authorities are now looking into opening a new casino in Paris, France. Prefect Jean-Pierre Duport has been asked to form a study by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the subject of a casino in Paris, with pros and cons to be considered.

By the end of the month, the study should be completed and would decide if a casino should be placed in the city or if ‘cercles’ gaming rooms, like those shut down just six months ago, should be the gaming option. Many believe the cercles are leading to illegal activity and fraudulent behavior and want to see the gaming networks eliminated.

If the decision to create a casino is made, the legislation for Paris would have to be completely changed. Gambling is not allowed within a certain vicinity of the capitol city and legislative changes would need to be made to allow a casino to be constructed within the city. Legislative changes would also be needed if the restoration of the cercles are in order.

When the gaming cercles were closed six months ago, players were left out in the cold, meaning some change is going to have to take place to provide gamblers with legal options for gaming. All eyes will be on Paris as the decision is a hefty one that could change the entire gambling landscape for France if a casino is allowed to enter the capital city.