Online affiliate site and casino watchdog ThePOGG has released a report on Affiliate Guard Dog about an online casino software provider allegedly providing cheating games; specifically 2 Ways Royal video poker from Amigotechs.

The statistical anomaly came to light after a player had complained in January that in 560 hands they had not received a single hand of 3 of a Kind or Better. An analysis of the odds for that occurring are roughly the same as a person winning three UK National Lottery jackpots by purchasing three tickets for separate draws – as in beyond astronomical – 1 in 2,734,494,804,479,010,000,000 according to the numbers found on ThePOGG.

The website notes that this is not the first time that games from Amigotech have been found to behave in a way that benefits the casino and puts the player at a disadvantage. The website provides links to several other websites including the Wizard of Vegas, where industry veteran and former owner of Certified Fair Gaming, Eliot Jacobson, Ph.D. goes deep into the maths condemning the software in early 2012. In that case, the odds of such an anomaly occurring roughly coincided with a player winning 14 US Powerball lottery jackpots in a row.

Dr. Jacobson is quoted in his conclusion of that analysis as saying, “I conclude that Amigotechs, the vendor who supplied the casino software to Youwager, is responsible for providing a product that was programmed to act in a malicious fashion to the detriment of the player and that this software did act in a malicious fashion on 19 occasions.”

ThePOGG article lists the following online venues that the author is aware of that use Amigotechs online casino software. We believe the list could be longer.

ThePOGG has posted a page containing conversations with the Amigotech CEO. Readers may be able to find updates there.