On Friday, November 4th, 2022 the global business to business sports betting and i – Gaming giant in FSB has segmented a significant mark to their flourishing retail product with the addition of the new and exciting Companion App to their partner and player provisions.

This new product for FSB will now enable their end user customers to allocate their wagers placed within an anonymous retail platform onto a digital wallet app through their smartphone giving them the ability to dispose of their old paper ticket and regulate their bet through the new Companion App. The bet, made through self-service betting terminals (SSBT), can also be transmitted back to retail through a unique individual QR code.

The new and enticing, Companion App, which can be exclusive to the end to end per operator, also enables their players to track as well as cash out their wager while still gaining access to a comprehensive gambling history. This new app will launch to specific FSB partners over the upcoming next week just in time for the upcoming 2022 World Cup hosted in Qatar.

The launch of this new Companion App delivers even further drive to FSB’s ever – growing profile in the retail market, and it corresponds with the new and highly – anticipated recent partnerships that have been formed in the channel with the Olympic Entertainment Group in Central Europe as well as the Bet Central in the United Kingdom.

Media Statements

The Head of Retail at FSB, Russell Colvin, stated, “Offering innovative retail experiences to our partners and their players is something I’m driven to deliver at FSB. This new Companion App will eventually give our entire retail partner community access to digital environments and allow them to understand their players better whilst increasing daily engagement. My team and I have worked tirelessly this year to build up a contemporary, feature – rich offering that enables us to carefully curate a required retail offering for our growing, global client base. This hard work will continue into 2023 and beyond.”