With the casino expansion that continues to take place in the United States, limits on the gambling age are becoming more of an issue. It varies across the US from state to state, with some allowing those who are 18 to gamble while other states won’t allow gambling until you are 21. For example, in Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the US, the law has long been that casino gamblers must be at least 21. Some politicians want to see that changed.

Those who advocate lowering the gambling age to 18 make some valid points. They say that if you can serve your country in the armed forces and get married, then you should have the right to gamble if you so choose. If one is mature enough to take on those heavy duty responsibilities at 18, the reasoning is that they are also mature enough to handle the excitement of gambling.

Those who want to keep the gambling age limit at 21 argue that 18 year olds are not mature enough to handle gambling. They are afraid that they would gamble away their college money. They also argue that since 18 year olds usually do not have the ready cash to spare and they are concerned that these youngsters would turn to crime to cover their gambling.

Whichever side you agree with, don’t expect an agreement to be reached any time soon. Many states have just begun to develop regulations governing casinos as they enter those states for the first time. Perhaps a consensus will be reached when those states gain a bit more experience with the new casino presence.