In the United Kingdom and Gambling Commission regulator has reportedly announced that it is ‘disappointed’ by yesterday’s Appeals Court decision that reversed a late-June ruling from the High Court.

According to a report from a source, the authority was taken to court by Camelot Group and this firm’s technology partner, International Game Technology (IGT), after it decided to award the next ten-year National Lottery operating license to the Allwyn UK subsidiary of European lotteries giant Sazka Group. The plaintiffs were purportedly seeking an injunction that would prevent the regulator from inking an obligatory ‘enabling agreement’ with the new operator until the hearing of their larger appeal in October.

Earlier edict:

In a ruling last month and High Court Justice Finola O’Farrell reportedly found for the Gambling Commission in denying the injunction and ordering Camelot Group to begin the process of handing over control of the world’s fifth largest lottery to Allwyn UK. The experienced adjudicator purportedly declared that public interest had been ‘a strong factor in favor of lifting the suspension’ as the implementation of any delay would have likely led to ‘real loss.’

Overturn overture:

Unhappy at this ruling and Camelot Group reportedly filed a motion with the Appeals Court that is likely to be heard in the week beginning from September 12. In the interim and this body has now purportedly ordered the Gambling Commission to indefinitely delay the signing or implementation of its ‘enabling agreement’ with Allwyn UK.

Stoppage shock:

In responding to the Appeals Court ruling from Thursday and the Gambling Commission reportedly expressed its fears over the ‘potentially severe’ consequences for the National Lottery as any delay could ‘generate challenges for the transition to the fourth licence’ and lead to further troubles for Allwyn UK. However, the regulator purportedly moreover declared that its priority is to now remain ‘a seamless transition between the third and fourth National Lottery licences’ so as to make it possible for players to continue enjoying the service and enable the ‘delivery for good causes in every corner of the United Kingdom.’

Reportedly read a statement from the Gambling Commission…

“We are, obviously, disappointed with this outcome but respect the court’s decision. We regret the decision by third parties to bring legal proceedings following the outcome of a highly successful competition for the fourth National Lottery licence, actions that could impact transition to the fourth licence and, ultimately, funding for good causes.”

Operator opinion:

Justin King serves as the Chairman for Allwyn UK and he reportedly responded to the Appeals Court decision by claiming that the move ‘creates the likelihood of further delay as the appeal will not be held until September.’ The executive went on to assert that it is commonly thought that any such postponement ‘will damage the introduction of the benefits the fourth licence brings for good causes.’

A statement from King reportedly read…

“As the court ruled, Camelot Group and IGT must now provide an undertaking for damages by Friday and we call on them to either ensure that undertaking includes good causes, or instead in the interests of the good causes and the National Lottery, to gracefully accept the ruling of Justice O’Farrell. This would allow the suspension to be lifted and the Gambling Commission to move forward with awarding the fourth licence to Allwyn UK.”