The Gambling Authority’s new proposal for changes in the Swedish gambling law has been approved by the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS).

Some changes included in the proposal are related to new fees, but there will be some additional adjustments that will be applied. The main reason that lies behind that proposal is to adjust the cost of licensing and supervision of gambling services. 

Fees, tournaments, and slot machines:

The Gambling Authority needs the funds in order to fulfill its duty in a proper way, and that’s why adjusting these laws is of great importance. 

One more thing that is proposed to the Gambling Authority is establishing a one-stop shop, which would be a kind of safe space for license holders. This would be a place where license holders could ask the necessary questions, such as the nature of compliance. 

When it comes to the increasing fees, some of them will be enhanced, but the good news for operators is that they won’t have to pay the fees for license renewals.

The fee for licensing for gambling will be changed, but we still don’t know additional details and exact numbers.

Everyone in the industry sees that it’s time for some major changes in the market – and everyone will benefit from that.

Casino games and poker tournaments are also included in the proposal. The Gambling Authority thinks it’s a great way to collect some funds. Slot games will be available in various places in the market, and not only in the casinos. However, the municipalities where these additional slot machines will be placed will have the right to express their opinions about the matter before any action is taken. Also, the authorities will have an opportunity to say what they think about the planned tournaments before they’re announced to the public. 

Many benefits for everyone:

These new regulations, if approved, will definitely change the whole gambling scene in Sweden. It will solve some important issues, such as staffing and technical problems, but there will also be changes that will ease the whole process of getting licenses and renewing them in the Swedish market.

However, the main goal at the moment is complete financial restructuring and recovery. The fees are supposed to cover all the major expenses of the authority for at least the next three to five years. 

So far, operators agree with the proposed adjustments, but there surely will be some new updates before some real law changes take place in Sweden.