The government website of Russia has been updated to show a new increase in gambling tax rates by the Russian Finance Ministry. These new tax rates apply to all taxable activities associated with gambling and comes after amendments were made to draft law. The first reading of the draft law passed in May 2016.

The tax rate per gaming table moved up to RUB 250,000 from RUB 50,000. In US dollars, this would be going from $800 per gaming table to $4,000. As far as slots are concerned, the machines will now go to RUB 15,000 per unit from RUB 3,000. Each processing center operated by a bookmaker or tote will see an increase from RUB 50,000 to RUB 250,000. Betting shops have taxes of RUB 10,000 to RUB 14,000, according to a report on Asia Gaming Brief.

Online betting processing centers are also covered under the new tax rates. The rate is the same as proposed in the draft law, from 2.5 to 3 million, however, this rate is not in place as of yet. Bookmakers are also currently preparing to join online wagering processing centers. BaltBet should be ready for online operations by January 25, while Bet City and Pari Match will be offering services by the spring months.