Gaming Law & Legislation

Look here to stay abreast of breaking industry news related to the actions of lawmakers who create and codify the rules and regulators who enforce them. The Gambling Commission in the UK features prominently in this section due to the age and maturity of the marketplace there, but you can stay up to date around the globe by bookmarking this section.

From homegrown initiatives at the ballot box in rural America, to the fate of th six concessionaires in Macau as their licenses are set to expire betwwen 2020 nad 2022, to Asian marketplaces like Japan and Vietnam that are set to change the world casino landscape, you'll find all the news that's fit print here. Complementary sections include the over arching Gaming Industry News section as well as Licenses, Taxation, and Online Gambling Regulation.

Gambling News from Asia, Australia and America

This weeks online gambling news video brings you gaming news from "down under", where a Chinese investor has big plans for Australia. We also take a look at China, where the  Sands in Macao continues buildin...