Glenn Straub is the new owner of the Revel Casino of Atlantic City, a venue that has struggled since it creation. Having been closed since September of 2014, the venue may now reopen, but not in the way one would imagine. Straub has plans to reopen the venue and offer guests a rope course. Last week, the owner of the casino stated that he would like to open a ropes course by June.

On top of the ropes course, Straub would also like to reopen a casino and restaurants of the venue. The $2.4 billion property has been at a standstill since closing in 2014, but it is not exactly clear what Straub will be offering and when plans will take shape. Straub did submit an application for licensing in New Jersey but has not chosen an operator as of yet.

The ropes course plans would create an obstacle course that is three stories tall in a space that was once used as a valet entrance. Course goers would be able to enjoy views of the Atlantic Ocean. Straub’s ideas for the property seem to roam far and wide, having in the past suggested the venue be a temporary home for Syrian refugees as well as a genius academy.