When real estate developer Glenn Straub finally managed to purchase the former Revel casino in Atlantic City, he was reluctant to start another casino but instead had a number of ideas for the property.

Some of those ideas include converting the space into a medical tourism resort, an indoor water park, an equestrian facility and even a specialist academy where a gathering of the top minds in the globe would come together to address some of the most pressing problems in society.

Straub paid $82 million for the 47 story Revel resort but hasn’t managed to implement any of his ideas so far as he has been swamped with a number of lawsuits and fines from different parties including the casino’s former power supplier ACR Engery Partners. The property hasn’t been used and Straub currently has to pay maintenance expenses without being able to use the property efficiently.

The real estate developer recently announced that he is willing to open the doors of the ex-Revel casino to Syrian refugees and would not require them to pay any charges for staying at the property. Millions of Syrians have fled their homeland due to a civil war and have tried to gain refugee status in a number of countries but are struggling to find new homes and start life over.

In a statement, Straub said “We treat our dogs better than we treat the Syrians right now. If the government wanted to house Syrian refugees, I’d give them use of the building and let them put those people there.” Straub stated the casino is currently shuttered as lawsuits from ACR and former tenants do not allow him open the property and run any kind of business activity. Straub is not very optimistic about being able to use the property in the near future as he has to contest all the lawsuits that have been brought against his company and that could end up taking a long time.

Straub made it clear that his offer to house Syrian refugees at the former Revel casino would be done free of charge and all he would require would be reimbursement expenses that he incurs for operating the building when the refugees are present. The U.S. State Department has been made aware of Straub’s proposal to house Syrian refuges but has so far decided not to respond to Straub’s proposal.