In the past, the Gold Spike Casino was considered a cheap option for Las Vegas visitors, offering low cost hotel rooms and plenty of slot games. Filled with smoke since 1976, the venue has changed owners several times and been extensively remodeled under the ownership of the last two. As of today, the venue has been revamped and now creates a trendy spot for visitors to hangout during a trip to the downtown area of Las Vegas, Nevada.

No smoking is allowed now at the casino property and guests have many more options for nongaming activities. Couches are located on-site with Wi-Fi access for guests who need to work as well as options for visitors who need to host meetings. A diner is offered for dining needs as well as games such as cornhole toss for anyone who wants to take a break from the casino games.

An area known as the living room offers DJ music for dancing and an outdoor space with the title, the backyard, offers live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Visitors can take to the outdoors and enjoy an adult style playground complete with giant board games such as Twister, Connect Four, Chess, Beer Pong and more.

The changes to the Gold Spike are common to the area now that venues are focusing on other aspects along with gaming. More non-gaming options are being added to venues across Las Vegas as operators are finding ways to offer entertainment other than gaming. While people want to come to the area to gamble, having other entertainment provides additional revenue streams.

The Gold Spike revamp is part of the Downtown Project in the city, an initiative of Tony Hsieh, the Zappos CEO. The project has a budget of $350 million and will include the revitalization of the city, with $200 million spent on real estate and development as well as ownership of eleven properties Hsieh owns and operators. This would include the Gold Spike.