Reports have surfaced that the first casino to be located in Sochi will be opening within a two year time frame. The Gorky Gorod resort will be based in Sochi and according to, spokesperson Elena Zakharova has confirmed the casino will be ready in 2016-2017.

According to Zakharova, the opening of the casino venue is dependent on when the operator of the casino is able to receive necessary permits and sign documents with Gorky Gorod. In an optimistic world, this would happen in 2016-2017. To be able to place a casino in a building of the resort, the management team has to provide approval, it is mandatory.

As of now, none of the potential tenants or existing ones in buildings of the resort have sent in applications to be approved for gambling facilities. Zakharova also stated that the resort does not plan on changing their target audience to take advantage of the newly created gambling zone in the area.

Zakharova has said that the resort does not plan on turning into Las Vegas as respectable clients come to the resort and now they are ready to offer clients another way to diversify leisure time on site. During the developmental phase of the project, Zakharova states the resort will work to maintain a balance of interests of the clients who opt for the year-round mountain recreation as well as those who wish to simply enjoy gambling activity.

In August, Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia, gave the go-ahead for Sochi to become a gambling zone by signing a decree.