The Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, gave her signature to a new gambling compact on Monday that will result in a continued partnership between the state and Indian Tribes. Just last month, the state legislature approved the new gambling compact which will last for twenty two years and involved five Indian tribes.

The governor’s office reported that the governor and the five tribes signed the new compact which will now move forward to the United States Department of Interior for approval. The leaders of five tribes, the Navajo Nation, Mescalero Apache Tribe, Jicarilla Apache Nation and the pueblos of Acoma and Jemez, were on hand to sign the compact in the office of the governor to continue with casino gaming.

The Jemez Pueblo is the only tribe not currently operating a casino, but other tribes operate casinos which are under compacts that will expire on the 30th of June. Additional tribes in New Mexico should choose to sign the new agreement as the current compacts are not as favorable. According to Martinez, the new compact will preserve the stability and predictability of gaming in the state of New Mexico while also meeting the needs of each tribe as they operate casinos within the state.