The gambling industry of Australia has seen several changes and plans emerge within the past few months in many areas including possible plans by the government to ban ISPs to shutdown operators who are not licensed in the country, banning players from wagering on credit as well as sign-up bonuses, just to name a few. Online casino and poker operators have already been leaving the country in order to avoid possible prosecution once legislation changes are in place. Now it seems that government officials are planning to ban gambling advertising that takes place during broadcasts of live sporting events in the country that air before 8:30 p.m.

In April, gambling operators and broadcasters showed opposition to a plan to ban advertising during live events, that Mitch Fifield, the Communications Minister, was reportedly working on. It was believed that Fifield was planning to place new restrictions on advertising involving gaming. The Communications Minister has confirmed the changes are coming and the new regulations will be included in the federal budget, taking effect beginning in March of next year.

The advertising changes will ban gambling ads from being aired during broadcasts of live sporting events no matter the media, be it streamed over the internet, radio or television, before an 8:30 p.m. time frame. The ban will come into play five minutes before the live event begins and then continue until five minutes after the event concludes or if the clock strikes 8:30 p.m.

According to CalvinAyre, the Communications Minister stated that the ban will ensure ‘a clear and practical zone’ in which families and children will have the ability to watch the sport live. This ban does include an exemption for race betting operators and the lotteries.

Broadcasters are worried about the loss of revenues from gambling advertising during these segments so the government has decided to do away with the annual broadcast licensing fees. Bookmakers have no compensation for any losses connected to being unable to promote their product during the live events.