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The Greek Mythology casino is one of the lesser known casinos in Macau but one of the oldest casinos that has operated in Taipa. The casino has operated under an SJM Holdings license at the New Century Hotel for a number of years and had a regular set of clients that used to frequent the casino which had a total of 500 table games and 100 slot machines.

The casino closed its doors on the 30th of December 2015 and has remained unopened in the new year without any explanation for its sudden closure. The sudden closure of the casino has created a lot of speculation in the struggling Macau casino industry as some believe the casino has been shutdown by the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau while others believe that a slowdown of gaming revenues have forced the casino to shutdown.

Macau’s casino industry lost over $100 billion in 2014 and reportedly over $130 billion during 2015 due to the anti-corruption crackdown. While the industry slump has hurt the entire industry, bigger casinos like the Wynn Macau and Sands Macau have managed to cope with their losses but smaller casinos like the Greek Mythology casino have found it harder to operate with decline gambling revenue.

The Greek Mythology casino has also had a troubled past due to a number of issues that have cropped up during the past few years. Back in 2012, the owners of the New Century Hotel Ng Man Sun and Chen Mei Huan got into a heated dispute that made headlines. Ng was later attacked on the hotel premises by six unidentified men who were accused of not only beating up the Ng but also slashing the tendons in his hands and legs to try and disable him for life.

The hotel made headlines once again in 2013 after it accumulated huge amounts of debts that it struggled to repay. The Macau Court of First Instance then permitted the hotel to be seized as collateral for its unpaid debt to a travel agency in Macau. Junket operator Amax which operated 20 VIP gaming tables at the casino would later accuse the casino for not being transparent with its accounts as the Greek Mythology Entertainment Group (GMEG) wasn’t willing to submit accurate accounts for auditing.

Close to 200 employees of the New Century Hotel organized a number of protests during October 2015 stating that they had not been paid their wages for nearly eight months but those issues appeared to have been sorted out in November. The Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau is yet to release a statement to clarify why the Greek Mythology casino shutdown.

Editor’s Note: It has now been announced and confirmed by the government that the shutdown is “temporary” and the reason is “renovation”. Local media are reporting that shareholders in the third party venue are negotiating internally over leadership of the renovation. No tables have been allocated elsewhere as yet.