Earlier their week, Grosvenor Casinos decided to launch a new casino cab, calling the experience the smallest traveling casino in the world. In efforts to promote the brand’s online gambling options as well as brick and mortar casinos, the cab will provider those in London with a unique gaming experience on the go.

Individuals in London were asked by Grosvenor to log on to Twitter and tweet a request for a ride in the gaming cab. This could be done on the official Twitter account for the casino gaming brand. Passengers were then asked to choose if they wanted a free ride to a Grosvenor property or take a ride to anywhere else, as long as a donation was provided to Carers Trust, a charity supported by the casino.

Passengers were able to learn casino games once inside the cab with a dealer actually in the car. Grosvenor also provided a tablet for online gaming. A wet bar and televisions were added as well, allowing visitors to view the latest sporting events.

The unique cab ride is part of a larger marketing campaign that has a goal of boosting awareness of the sports betting operations at Grosvenor’s to prepare for the summer. The Grosvenor Casinos are owned by the Rank Group who partnered with Kambi Sports Solutions back in January to create a new sportsbook for online wagering.

The cab debuted on the 1st of June in London with Phil Tufnel, a former England cricket, helping to promote the World’s Smallest Traveling Casino, as Grosvenor put it. Footage has been released on the social media sites of Grosvenor for individuals to see just what the unique cab can offer. The cab will be headed on a three week stint, traveling to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.