Guest rooms of the Masquerade Tower within the Rio Hotel & Casino Resort of Las Vegas have reopened after being closed for over a week due to fire and power failure. On Thursday afternoon, fire and building inspectors approved the nearly 500 rooms from floors 22 to 39 of the resort to be reopened. The approval was given after a series of safety checks as well as power was restored.

When the fire and power failure took place over a week ago, the tower saw all 900 guest rooms evacuated. The hotel of the property has over 2,500 guest rooms and only the rooms of the Masquerade Tower were affected.

On floors 40 and 41 of the hotel is where the VooDoo lounge, nightclub and restaurant were expected to open on Friday evening. A zipline also located in the area was set to open as well. Once the hotel was given the green light to reopen the rooms of the tower, housekeepers began the process of cleaning and preparing the rooms for guests. Rooms had been shut down since the 29th when the backup generator failed and left the 41 story tower in total darkness.

During the evacuation of the hotel tower, six individuals suffered minor injuries as they traveled down the darkened stairwells. The second hotel tower nor the casino area of the facility was affected by the power outage.

The power outage was supposedly due to water seeping after an electrical fire had taken place the previous day. The sprinklers were triggered near the fire. Over the past few days, the rooms of the lower floors were reopened before the higher levels.