The del Lago Resort & Casino is still on track to open February 1 and has more positions opened for employment that need to be filled. The casino is looking to hire as many as 350 individuals before the new venue opens next month.

The new casino will be located in Tyre on Route 414 and cost approximately $440 million to create. When it opens, the casino should employ around 1,500 employees. As of last week, around 350 positions were left to be filled. Another 300 employees will be added when the hotel of the property, with 205 guest rooms, plus spa opens this summer. This will bring the total number of employees on site to 1,800.

The casino is currently looking to hire cleaners, cocktail servers, waitstaff, dealers for card games and bartenders. Jobs that are non-tipping pay $12 an hour and are based on experience. Individuals who qualify will be provided with workers dental, vision and health insurance plus retirement benefits.

Anyone interested in employment can apply at the website of the del Lago. There is also an employment center located in Seneca Falls, at Generations Bank. The center is open for business from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm on Saturday. Applications can be filled out at the center via computers.

When the casino opens, the venue will actually be one of the largest employers located in Seneca County. The casino will offer 10-12 poker tables, 75 table games, and 2,000 slot machines.

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  1. Billi Brush

    Hi A friend of mine said he got a $ 300.00 free play for the new Largo casino in Tyre N.Y. How do you get any free play if it’s not open yet. so my question is how may I get free play , i can’t afford a lot but my boyfriend and I are coming up as when I’m not working my two jobs. . He’s retired. Thank you so much hope to hear from you folks. Miss Billi

    • Lars Jones
      Lars Jones

      Hi Billi, thank you for reading World Casino News. If you click on the highlighted casino name in the article will take you to a profile for that casino on the World Casino Directory. From there you can find the casino’s official website – (I’d sign up for the player reward card!) alternately you might try their Facebook page and pose a question there. You will also find a link to that page under the “Official” section of the casino profile. Good luck!


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