As a subsidiary of Cherry AB, gaming specialist, Highlight Games, has announced the signing of a new strategic distribution agreement with Spin Games LLC, an online gaming firm based in Reno. Within the agreement, Highlight Games will be providing exclusive content in several areas including the lottery, sports betting and online gaming.

Integration of Virtual Sports Content:

Within the new agreement, Spin Games will be integrating the virtual sports content of Highlight Games, using historic footage sports events via their remote game service known as The ROC. The content will be distributed within markets of the United States. Sports betting content will also be distributed by Highlight Games that will include SOCCERBET, focused on English and Italian leagues via The ROC as well, but in regulated European gaming markets.

In a recent press release…

Highlight Games CEO, Tim Green, stated: “Spin bring a wealth of experience in the United States interactive gaming and lottery markets and with the sports betting market developing in the United States, Spin is uniquely positioned to distribute Highlight Games’ innovative sports betting content into newly regulated iGaming markets.”

Spin Games CEO, Kent Young, also commented on the new agreement, stating that Spin is excited about the new partnership and the company looks forward to launching the brand’s innovative sports betting products in the UonlinS as well as supporting Highlight Games via The ROC.

Increased Stake in Highlight Games:

Cherry AB decided to increase their stake in Highlight Games back in August, having purchased an additional 7.8%, which allowed the company to now have an over 50% stake in the company.  As Cherry AB looks to the future, they will be focusing on new business opportunities within several sports emerging markets.