While awaiting any sort of public announcement from the regulatory bodies, casinos and software providers and purveyors in regard to the allegations of rigged games as covered elsewhere here we’ll try to determine some history of the games in question.

Betfred seems to have been running the Finsoft versions of HiLo Gambler and Reel Deel since as early as 2006, and possibly from the moment they opened their “Games” section in 2005. Other games providers, such as Bet365 are not so easy to do the “archaeology” on as they use different dynamics on their web pages and change them quite often. Still others (as is the case with BetVictor and Bet365) do not use the Spielo/Finsoft versions of the Realistic Games, but rather serve the original Realistic game code from their own servers. We have yet to test whether there are any legacy games running 2:2 and 1.95:1 variants.

As mentioned in the earlier blog post, GTech Acquires Finsoft Limited – 2007 GTech acquired Finsoft in 2007. When we search the internet archives we see a category of games at Betfred inside a directory named, /gamesfin/ that all seem to be Finsoft games. Several that we have always known as Realistic Games have subsequently been shown to be provided by Finsoft as well, and others are now identified in various games directories simply as Spielo G2 in accordance with the current name of the Lottomatica interactive games supplier. (If we are mistaken on any of these points we welcome clarification and correction – your comments are welcome.) If we are correct, what this timeline tells us is that Finsoft was delivering these games before their purchase by GTech, and before Lottomatica acquired GTech. This timeline would also seem to put to rest any murmurs on the underweb that speculate that Finsoft ‘fixed’ games to meet performance targets and increase their final sales price to GTech. We would go so far as to say this totally discredits any such speculation.

It is not possible to ‘time travel’ and play the version of the Hi/Lo Gambler game that was available in May 2006, nor any time before or after except the version currently being served. But we can see that it is highly likely that Finsoft has always offered these games, which again begs the question; Did Finsoft Rig Casino Games? Or is it possible, as some have suggested, that Realistic Games provided the coding used by Finsoft? (The Realistic Games early reply to Eliot Jacobson seems to indicate they may have created two versions.) At this point all we can really do is await the results of the GRA investigation into the matter and hope that the focus of the report will be on “who done it”, how it happened, why it occurred for so long, how it can be prevented in the future, and what will be the consequences for any nefarious actions or malfeasance if any is determined to have occurred.