The best type of partnership is one that is mutually beneficial. Both parties need to benefit in some way and in the gaming industry, that is easy to do. HollywoodTV and TVBET are the latest companies in the online gaming industry that have announced an agreement that will benefit both equally. The game lines of each company will be expanded, which will help to strengthen positions within the iGaming market.

What’s to Come?

Both companies offer the same type of content, card games, and live lottery options. Both operators create titles that are easily integrated within casinos and other gaming providers’ platforms. The companies will now work together to provide an expanded portfolio to existing clients.

HollywoodTV is teamed up with Tipobet, Sahabet, Big Bola, and IGP, among others. These partners now have access to combined portfolios of providers and enjoy a higher quality of product options. Along with this change, TVBET partners now have access to the Mega6 game from HollywoodTV, a popular game among players of all types.

Both HollywoodTV and TVBET have been working together for quite some time. Back in 2019, HollywoodTV added games from TVBET to its portfolio. Now, the partnership is bilateral and sees games provided both ways.

TVBET CEO Petr Korpusenko commented on the new deal stating that by combining the game suites of each company, both have access to amazing prospects and the betting market as a whole will benefit. Customers will now enjoy the best experience and being on the same page with HollywoodTV will only make the company stronger.

André Meusburger, HollywoodTV Sales Director, is in agreement. Working with TVBET will make the company a stronger player in the market and allow HollywoodTV to provide more games to clients and consumers.

TVBET Brings Live Dealer to

For TVBET this is yet another fruitful deal in 2021. Earlier in the year, the company signed a partnership deal to offer its live dealer content via The Polish online gaming domain now offers premium content from the developer including PokerBet and 21Bet games.

TVBET is able to offer a long list of live dealer games and has already teamed up with major players in the online gambling industry. Top-rated online casino platform providers like GrooveGaming Limited and SoftGamings, along with Top Play Gaming all offer the developers content. Backgammon, JokerBet, and Wheel of Fortune Keno are popular titles offered by the brand to such gaming sites.