Prominent industry innovator, International Game Technology (IGT), has announced the signing of an agreement that is to see its IGT Global Solutions Corporation subsidiary continue to provide the Colorado Lottery with a range of advanced products and services.

Back-office benefits:

The London-headquartered firm used an official Monday press release to declare that the four-year deal is set to run until July of 2025 and will encompass the delivery of ‘a full suite of new back-office solutions’ alongside a selection of ‘enhanced business intelligence solutions’ that will help the Colorado Lottery ‘to grow sales and provide convenience to the player and retailer’.

Terminal trade:

The IGT subordinate recently inked a similar arrangement with officials in the neighboring state of Kansas while its parent stated that this latest alliance is to moreover include the supply of its new GameTouch 20 terminals as well as the continued provision of ‘full system support’ for every draw game, claim and payment handled by the Colorado Lottery.

Accomplishing aims:

Jay Gendron, North America Lottery Chief Operating Officer for IGT, used the press release to proclaim that the contract with the Colorado Lottery will enable is firm to continue assisting the operator ‘in achieving its sales objectives’ via the premiere of new advances that will improve convenience and efficiencies for both players and retailers.

Gendron’s statement read…

“We’re pleased to continue our partnership with the Colorado Lottery and help it maximize funds towards good causes in Colorado such as the environment, recreation and education.”

Extra expediency:

For his part, Tom Seaver, Senior Director for the Colorado Lottery, pronounced that he is now looking forward to utilizing the upcoming advances from IGT Global Solutions Corporation to enhance his service’s current offerings and bring ‘added convenience for our retail partners and players.’

Read a statement from Seaver…

“Throughout the last five years, IGT has delivered its expertise and reliable technology to benefit all of our lottery stakeholders and we are happy to continue to partner with it for the next several years.”