Although a slight drop from the stunning November debut, Best Sunshine (Imperial Pacific) said in a filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that rolling chips  totaled nearly one and a half billion in USD for December at their temporary casino and training facility located in a T Galleria shopping center in Garapan, Saipan.

November saw the full opening of the temporary casino rolling US$1.63 billion. At  expected win rates that put the VIP house take at somewhere between $45m and $50 million assuming the play was all on Baccarat tables, which is usually the case.

In contrast, Iao Kun Group Holding Company Limited announced a major fall in its roll with a 61% decrease year on year for the twelve months ending December 31 (un-audited). The Macau junket company posted US$0.42 billion in Macau chip roll for December, down from US$0.71 billion for the month of December 2014. A win rate of 3.28% was posted fr December 2015, in line with industry averages for Baccarat which holds a 2.85% house edge.

Imperial Pacific’s Best Sunshine opened the T Galleria facility in Saipan as a training facility and temporary casino in July with a grand opening in November.  There are 106 electronic gaming machines and 45 gaming tables in play. The company plans to open two more casinos on the island with an eventual total investment of over $7 billion at full build out.

“Rolling Chips” are used by casinos to measure  VIP game play. The term denotes non-negotiable chips purchased by VIP players. These chips are wagered and winnings are paid out in “cash chips”. Rolling chips are used to track VIP play in financial reports but also as a way to determine commissions owed to junkets and room promoters.

Imperial Pacific said earlier that they planned to begin working with junket operators from “December forward.” Best Sunshine International who runs the casino, is a Macau linked junket investor (Hengsheng Group) owned by Imperial Pacific.