Boutique gaming event organizer, European Gaming Media and Events, has announced that its inaugural European Gaming Congress (EGC) in October will feature a special panel discussion from the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL) concerning the advertising of gambling products in regulated markets.

Event set for October 16:

According to an official Tuesday press release, the upcoming IMGL MasterClass is set to take place during the one-day EGC, which will be held at the Grand Union Hotel in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana on October 16, and feature the sub-heading ‘advertising for gambling: a new minefield for operators.’

Experienced panel members:

European Gaming Media and Events stated that the panel discussion is due to be limited to 100 participants and endeavor to give ‘important insights’ into the future of the European gaming industry ‘when it comes to brand advertising and commercials.’ It declared that the event is set to be moderated by Joerg Hofmann from German law firm Melchers and feature Chris Elliott of Wiggins alongside Tonucci and Partners’ Quirino Mancini.

Information on multiple jurisdictions:

The organizer detailed that the IMGL MasterClass will focus on conveying ‘the latest information’ concerning the responsibilities and liabilities associated with advertising gaming across different channels in jurisdictions as diverse as Italy, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Malta and Belgium.

A statement from the company read…

“The panel discussion is highly-awaited and it is a must-attend for operators. Given the fact that, for example, [United Kingdom] operators were fined for advertising conducted by their affiliates, great caution is required. The total ban by Italy bears a risk of setting an example for other jurisdictions. What are the solutions that can be found for the gambling industry to avoid high risks and excessive restrictions on advertising? Make sure you attend this MasterClass in Ljubljana.”