A Native Indian tribe from Oklahoma has made clear its intentions to not only return to its ancestral home which is Georgia, but they also want to build a casino there. While this may seem like an odd request at first, it is part of an effort to push for the legalization of gambling in the state of Georgia.

Richard Lea, an attorney representing the group did make a statement where he said that it would be easier to get through with a native Indian casino and furthermore, it would greatly help native Georgians who are struggling to make ends meet to a reasonable degree at least.

The tribe, known as the Keetoowah band of the Cherokee, was moved out of Georgia back in the 1830s during what was known as the Trail Of Tears.

The director of the tribe, Anile Locust, represented the tribe in a letter addressed to Governor Nathan Deal where he expressed that as per federal law, the tribe had a status superior to all other efforts when it came to building a casino in Georgia.

The process would involve a casino company (of which there are already two in active negotiations with the tribe) would purchase the land and the feds would then declare it sovereign courtesy of the tribe. In such a situation, state law would not come into play. However, it is expected that state would have a share in the profits.