The trend for online gambling is continually on the rise and it doesn’t show any signs of coming to a halt any time soon or even plateauing out. But with the continual success of the online gambling world, the concept of playing in a traditional bingo hall is facing its toughest test ever. There is no doubt that bingo halls are under threat from online gambling, as they are often seen in a negative light by a new generation of casual players looking to use technology for everything from their shopping to their gaming and the dated appeal of a bingo hall is waning.

Yet they are still a competitive market and the question on everyone’s lips is how long will that last?

Online vs. Offline Bingo

As playing bingo in online casinos grew in popularity, in dedicated bingo halls games started to suffer a decline. In a busy world when everyone wants everything to be done yesterday and where technology makes everything bigger and better than ever before, it’s easy to understand why playing online bingo has such a huge appeal. Yet, while bingo games online have embraced modern technology and games are hugely interactive; some players still believe that it can’t substitute the thrill of playing bingo in a live hall with a real life audience.

Each bingo hall and online game has its own unique set of rules and these are often regulated by local laws, which also vary from country to country and even state to state in the US. There are large jackpots that are up for grabs both on and offline and progressive jackpots can also be played for in both versions of the ever-popular game, ensuring that the promise of a win is always present whichever platform you choose to play on.

Bingo Halls: Since its legal introduction in the UK in the 1960s, the social atmosphere when playing bingo is almost as much of a draw to keen players as the lure of a possible win and games are often played anywhere from local churches to dedicated bingo halls. It appeals to a range of people and provides gamers with an opportunity to socialise and feel the adrenaline rush while eagerly filling up their cards, until they get to shout “bingoooooo!” when a successful game has been played. By the 1980s, 1600 bingo halls opened up in the UK where players could eat, drink, chat and play, and playing a few cards of Bingo has long been a great opportunity to enjoy a fun night out.

Online Bingo: Nowadays, people are looking for convenience and since its introduction in 1996, online bingo is now not only available to play 24 hours a day, seven days a week but you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to do it. Modern graphics and animations on websites such as Wink Bingo ensure that the interface of online bingo games is extremely realistic and players will be forgiven for forgetting that they are not actually in a packed-out bingo hall but instead are in their pyjamas without so much as a dabber in hand. Bonuses and special promotions make it even more appealing to log in and play and as gambling is becoming more socially acceptable; casual players are drawn to the convenience of playing online.

A Competitive Future

While it is easy to see the attraction of playing bingo offline and online, in a day and age where technology always triumphs the future of bingo halls looks unsteady. For now, traditional bingo halls continue to remain competitive in the sector and just this year, the UK’s first new bingo hall in seven years opened its doors for business showing that there’s still some fight in the old dog yet.
After all, it isn’t over ‘til the two fat ladies sing …