Interblock is a luxury gaming manufacturer that recently commissioned a study of electronic table games to be completed by Andrew Jones and Brand Outlook. The study took place in July and August of this year, with over 1,200 casino players studied from the United States and Canada. The independent study found that electronic table games produce valuable benefits for casinos that have electronic table games on the gaming floor.

The goal of the study was to help the casino customers of Interblock to gain a greater understanding of the benefit of electronic table games both for existing machines as well as potential games. The study was also conducted to leverage the data found to drive product decisions in the future, according to Rob Bone, the President of North America Interblock.

The key findings of the study included that ETGs can drive incremental revenue as players of these games will play more often. In the United States, 46% of ETG players were found to play at least six times more often than players who do not play the electronic versions of casino games. In Canada, the numbers were much higher at 54% playing ETGs to 34% playing standard table games.

ETG players were found to play longer per session than players who do not enjoy ETGs. ETG players were also found to try a variety of electronic games rather than leave if their favorite game was occupied and unavailable. It was also found that players of ETGs also enjoy standard table games as well as slots, so by not having any ETGs on the casino floor means that customers who would have extended their trip for game play are lost.

Bone stated that the results of the independent study are clear. ETG players play more often, for longer and have a larger gaming budget. These players are more likely to spend more money and play games throughout the casino. The findings only help to reinforce the beliefs of Interblock that ETGs are crucial to building a successful revenue stream at a land-based casino.