With Apple’s latest gizmos having improved graphics and speed, the iphone and ipod touch have some suitable gambling software amongst the merely functional.

At the top of the merely functional list is 5 Card Touch from Griffin Technology which is like playing an endless game of poker against yourself. Not much fun for $2.

Black 21 from MobileAge on the other hand is a much different beast. Using the swipe feature you play your hand and when you get bored can download new tables/backgrounds from their site as well as check your stats against the leader board. It does miss out on audio, there is none. Not bad for $5.

Another release from Griffin Lucky 7 Slots which turns your iphone/ipod into a slot machine. However with its only one line of matches, lack of ability to change the machine and limited sound and betting changes its pretty quick to get bored.

None of the above applications allow you to bet real money, although they do offer stats uploads to the web. There is at least the notion that they are being offered and as the iphone get faster and bigger with the release of the 3G we can hope that game makers step it up to match.