Something’s cooking in Betr’s studio! Recently established sportsbook decided to step up its game and find a way to attract more players faster. As a consequence, the sportsbook, backed by the famous Jake Paul, is turning to fantasy games as a way to catch the eye of the wider audience.

Legal issues:

Betr Picks daily fantasy sports are now available in 23 states. Among them are California and Texas, where sports betting isn’t legal yet. The brand launched the users against the house picks, similar to the popular PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy. These contests are dedicated to picking the right combination of stat lines for various athletes.

The company didn’t want to wait for the sports betting launch to be completed, so two products are launching basically at the same time. On top of that, the launch took place at the moment of investigation if various companies offered products with resemblance to sports betting ones.

Joey Levy, Co-Founder, and CEO, thinks it would be an amazing way to draw the attention of new potential customers, highlighting the social media impact these games can have on the audience. He said: “Given the gradual rollout of online sports betting and the need to go state-by-state and obtain market access and licenses, we just haven’t been able to fully capitalize on the nationwide media audience and Betr brand until now. It’s our first real-money gaming product that’s going to be in front of the majority of the nation.”

The company already grew a strong social media presence, with more than 814.000 followers in total and over 1.5 billion impressions on various channels.

DFS vs. sports betting:

The company has chosen DFS because it’s cheaper than sports betting, among other things. Besides the pick’em games, the company will be offering free-to-play games that are centered around important sporting events. One of them is the long-awaited boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz.

But recently, the DFS model stole the spotlight in the industry, and not in a good way. A FanDuel executive called the model “illegal sports betting.” DFS operators disagreed and strongly criticized the opponent. 

Levy is positive that everything is legal and regulated. He claims that extensive research was conducted before the launch, even in the states where sports betting isn’t legalized.

Levy explained more about the order of the rollout for Betr: “It was really important for us to significantly differentiate ourselves from other single-player fantasy operators, like PrizePicks, like Underdog. We wanted to build our regulated online sports betting business first. We wanted to establish our leadership position and clarify our commitment to responsible gaming first. We feel a lot more comfortable turning on our fantasy sports product, given we’ve laid down the foundations of our online sports betting business.”

Betr keeps respecting its core values: responsible gaming will be the main focus in the company’s fantasy games as well as the sportsbook. By the end of the year, the company plans to go live in 30 states.