In the United States and Betr has announced the nationwide launch of a new mobile-friendly online sportsbetting app that allows aficionados to place free-play wagers on a wide range of micro-bets.

The enterprise used an official Thursday press release to declare that this fresh direct-to-consumer advance is the brainchild of SimpleBet founder Joey Levy and may be joined by a real-money counterpart ‘in select states over the coming months’. The operation went on to pronounce that social media personality Jake Paul (pictured) is also involved in the Betr-branded project, which it described as ‘the world’s first micro-betting focused app’ that is ’exclusively focused on enabling users to predict the outcomes of every moment of every sporting event’.

Easy explanation:

Unlike more traditional moneyline and spread wagers, micro-bets focus solely on the nitty-gritty aspects of a sporting contest such as whether a basketball team will hit a three-point shot in its next possession or what is to be the ruling on an ensuing pitch in a baseball game. These markets are not concerned with the ultimate outcome of a match and, as such, do not need to be explained via potentially confusing point spreads or exhibited using detailed spreadsheets.

Flashy fun:

Levy serves as the technology start-up’s Chief Executive Officer and he used the press release to express his excitement at the official launch of the Betr service before going on to proclaim that the advance allows users to wager coins that can subsequently be redeemed for actual prizes. The pioneer furthermore asserted that the new sportsbetting service is destined to provide ‘an instant gratification focus’ and deliver its offerings via ‘a simple and intuitive user experience that anyone can enjoy.’

Read a statement from Levy…

“We view this free-to-play experience as a registration and onboarding platform to begin acquiring users mixed with an interactive tutorial for the future of sportsbetting. While this is very much an initial version that will get considerably better over time, we believe this experience provides a glimpse into the future of sportsbetting in the United States.”

Opening range:

For his part and the Head of Product for Betr, Alex Ursa, additionally noted that the new Betr platform will not feature future or parlay markets but allows aficionados to place micro-bets on action from the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB). The innovator divulged that the advance moreover offers collegiate American football and basketball thrills and soon hopes to grow its portfolio to encompass mixed martial arts, golf and tennis.

A statement from Ursa read…

“This is something new, different and interesting, which is what this industry needs given every other operator in the space is essentially offering the same commoditized legacy sportsbook product. Betr is also the first betting app where someone who has never bet on sports before can dive right in and enjoy the experience with no learning curve and we are excited to finally be able to share it with the world.”