Analytics firm AlphaBeta and illion, an Australian credit bureau, teamed up recently to conduct a study regarding online gambling during the shutdown due to the coronavirus. The study showed that a 67% increase has been seen in the online gambling sector of Australalia in the past week when non-essential services were shutdown because of the virus.

Details of the Study:

The figures used in the study came from a sample of transactions involving 250,000 consumers in the country. The figures revealed that consumers are logging on to online gaming sites and betting for entertainment while stuck at home. The online gambling industry has seen a huge uptick in player traffic. The food delivery industry has seen a 63% increase while online retail and subscription services are not far behind at 61%.

According to…

The study does not break down the online gambling figures based on type or outline if the information covers only legalized gambling or both legal and illegal gambling. In Australia, wagering and sports betting are allowed but online casino games and poker are not, due to the Interactive Gambling Act.

It seems around the world, players are logging on to gaming sites and taking part in higher numbers, even in the US. Global Poker is a online social poker operator in the United States that recently revealed that online poker has seen a more than 40% increase in participation since the country starting lockdowns in various states. First-time poker players have increased dramatically by around 255%.

According to Global Poker, before the lockdown, almost 7% of the population in the US had played poker in live or online form, or with friends regularly.