This week, Villa Rosa Kempinski will play host to two-day conferences on June 7th and 8th in which authorities, international experts, and gaming operators will be on hand to discuss what strategies are needed to see a profit based on the rapid growth of gaming in the African country of Kenya.

Around 10% of individuals in Africa access the internet via mobile data. When looking at Eastern Africa, 60% of mobiles are sold in this region, mainly in Kenya. Even though Africa mainly has a land-based gaming market, mobile usage in the country has exploded and with an evolution of such devices in the area, Kenya is an attractive spot for mobile business.

Significant consideration is being given to the future perspective of gambling for the continent and BtoBet is going to be heading to Nairobi for an upcoming summit to be able to take part in two different panels. The first will be at 12.30 on the 7th and titled ‘The big move: retail to online’. The second will take place at 15.35 and is titled ‘Maximizing your retail business’.

Alessandro Fried is the Chairman and Founder of BtoBet who will be attending the conference and sharing his point of view on the best practice for converting retail customers as well as discussing the potential for the growth of mobile sports betting in the region. Included in his presentation, Fried will discuss how to convert retail to mobile, how to maximize the retail business within the region, managing alternative payment systems, and how to choose marketing solutions that support cross-player experience.

Fried discussed his participation in the panels taking place in Kenya by stating that entering into a specific region of Africa does require precise analysis. The countries of Africa take different approaches to regulation as well as oversight of gambling markets. Fried feels that this continent is extremely promising when it comes to mobile sports betting operators. When operators pay attention to the particular needs of a local market, they are better able to equip themselves to provide the right tools and technology to profit from the opportunities that present themselves across Africa, according to Fried.