Online gaming is one of the fastest growing segments of the gambling industry. And the Isle of Man, one of eGaming’s most respected locales, will play host to an invitation only gathering of gaming professionals, investors, regulators and policy makers coming together for a November 10th summit. KPMG, a global financial network that provides professional audit, tax, and advisory services in 155 countries, has organized the event.

This year’s Summit is KPMG’s eleventh in a series that spans both Gibraltar and the Isle of Man, and will take place at the Villa Marina in Douglas. The event aims to bring together key stakeholders and industry representatives in an open forum to discuss the eGaming industry’s future. Panel discussion topics will include global legal and regulatory developments, as well as social responsibility issues. The International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL) masterclasses will focus on the international legal viewpoint, financing, and tax considerations.

The Isle of Man became the world’s first legal, regulated eGaming jurisdiction in 2001, and has since lead the industry with a steadfast focus on technological innovation, progressive law, and consumer protection. Regulatory compliance is overseen by the Isle’s Gambling Supervision Commission, (GSC), which works to insure the industry operates crime free.

Russell Kelly, and eGaming director at KPMG recently commented on the value of attending the Summit by admitting his amazement at how much the eGaming sector can change in a year. He states, “We want to make sure every attendee leaves with an understanding of the challenges to come, and equipped with an idea of how to deal with them.”