In an attempt to earn higher wages and tighter restrictions for the imported labor of the gaming sector, certain casino labor groups in Macau are planning to hold protests on the 1st of May. Groups from at least two casinos in Macau plan to protest on the day known as Labour Day. During this day, it is common for groups to protest various issues in a social setting.

On Monday it was announced that the Macau Gaming Enterprises Staff Association would be involved with the protests, taking to the streets to fight for a larger salary and better restrictions for labour imported to the gaming industry.

The Federation of Trade Unions Deputy Director, Leong Sun Iok, stated that employees of local casinos are not satisfied with promotion policies that are currently in place by the casino operators of the city. Employees feel as though the operators do not place priority on local employees when promoting staff members. Operators have also been accused of paying larger salaries to workers who import to the area rather than the locals, who do the exact same job.

Also joining in on the protest will be the Gaming Employees Advance Association, with the President Willis Chen estimating over 1,000 people will be taking part in the rally. The new association will be seeking better compensation for night shift workers and fair policies for shift work. The group will also be demanding that the government does not allow operators to hire imported labour for dealers at table games. A government ban is already in place for this but the ban is not a statute, which employees would like to see created.