Tuesday, July 14, 2015—Thomas Wilmot, the Lago Resort and Casino developer, announced construction would be halted at the resort site due to an appellate court ruling. The ruling was released Friday about the venue violating the state environmental laws. Lago Resort and Casino is among three casinos with New York Gaming Facility Location Board backing. Tyre Residents claimed town officials were violating environmental laws in New York by letting the casino resort to be built. The officials continue to believe it will not have an impact on the local environment and provided an explanation for why they allowed the casino to go ahead with construction.

Last week, the issue was brought to the Forth Judicial Department of the Rochester Appellate Division of New York State Supreme Court. The court ruled the Environmental Quality Review Act was breached.

Now Rochester Developer, Thomas Wilmot and his company Wilmorite Inc., will have to halt construction until the court matter comes to a resolution in their favor. Wilmot is disappointed in the citizens of Tyre because the area needs the jobs the casino construction will bring as well as the revenue from the casino when it is open.

Wilmot is certain the court case will be resolved in favor of the casino. He is also positive the New York State Gaming Commission will award one of the three available casino licenses to his new development. The licenses are going to be awarded in the fall. He is upset by the delay given the $425 million investment that is at a standstill. He needs the issue resolved soon to be able to continue work on the project.