The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that there were only two viable options before the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority subgroup: Tear down the Riviera Hotel and Casino complex promptly enabling large shows to use the outdoor space, or wait another year for the Governor’s new Economic committee to make their recommendations. The subgroup, newly renamed the Las Vegas Convention Center District committee will recommend moving forward with the faster timeline at the next board of director’s meeting scheduled in August.

The Riviera property was purchased by the authority in February for $182.5 million and intended to expand the existing space of the city’s convention center located across the way. Authority members anticipate demolition costs to be in the ballpark $40 million, but is not expected to occur until early 2016 giving the committee time to receive and choose from the competitive bids.

The Governor’s economic committee, the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Commission is tasked with assessing the viability of local tourism projects. The Authority purchased the land on which the Riviera sits as part of a $2.3 billion convention center overhaul, an investment in protecting and promoting their brand that currently facilitates established trade shows like the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the National Association of Broadcasters, and ConExpo-Con/AG.