LCB, a reliable and well-known casino affiliate, has released the list of finalists that are competing in the LCB Awards which are scheduled for November of 2022 and are taking place in Malta.

The LCB Awards were introduced in May of 2022. They were created by the LCB team in order to reward some of the best and most representative members and companies of the industry and to let them know they are contributing to the gaming world in a positive way. The goal of the awards is to draw attention to responsible gaming , this section has been a significant part of gaming for a while, as well as openness and willingness to connect with other participants of the vast gaming community all across the globe.

The upcoming event is going to take place on November 15th at Sky Club Malta. It includes 8 categories in total. They are further divided into 6 categories that are going to be given to casino brands based on their prominent service features and 2 categories that are going to be given for best online slot game and live dealer software:

  • Best Online Casino
  • Helping Hand
  • Rising Star
  • Prime Perks
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Members Choice
  • Spin Me Round
  • Pit Boss

In each category, there are 10 candidates that are potential winners, and a number of judges are going to select them. The candidates that have made the list were chosen by players who initially had 20 to have a look at, all of the candidates had shown great qualities in relevant industry features. The process of selection was not only fun but also rewarding since there was an exclusive contest with a 12,000$ prize pool shared among 55 winners, the first prize being 2000$.

The candidate shortlist for the LCB Awards is right here!

More detailed information about the candidates may be found at

A bit about LCB

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