This reporter (please dear reader draw a very hard line between reports and Journalism) saw somewhere that a long term Senator from Arizona was caught playing online poker and a day or two later remarked, ‘ I respect the will of the people’. All is fine and well, within societal norms.

I will lay gambling dollars to cops donuts that he was simply investigating the new free play Delaware casino game from IGT Double Down as another part of his job while others made their grandstands on an issue we will never understand. Looks like a lame set up either way.  Did you track his bets? I didn’t.

His buddy, Tom Ridge already has the connect. After all he was Director of Homeland Security, then the poker pig. It’s not like local militarized police have a problem kicking in the doors of bingo parlors when the money doesn’t go to the ‘local’ lotto.

I’m all for allowing people to do as they please with their own freedoms – but please, sir, once elected represent the constitution, not your constituents, ideology, or agenda. Just be real.

Legalize it!