We currently have the worm listed as a Playtech slot, but if memory serves it is the  one game that has traveled from provider to provider in our online casino database more than any other – and trust me, they don’t move often. Why did I place it there? Everyone else did and I couldn’t peg it on NextGen or VegasTech/OddsOn I guess.

You see, I came along just as the multi-platform phenomenon was becoming the norm – right at the end of the day of the legacy providers – now most casinos carry games from many different suppliers. Bet365 may have been the first big operator to blaze this path. Don’t get me wrong here, I am definitely playing on the worm’s name so you, new reader, will explore the rest of our content; I have some pride invested in that – I helped to build the most comprehensive casino site on the planet and I am happy to admit it.

But I have never been able to nail down the worm (Dennis Rodman).  I have my guesses based on the maths model and all of that. I have my guesses based on graphics, but it  was just never a slot I cared to explore in any way shape or form.

I will ask your forgiveness, dear gambler,  if I have ever placed a game in the wrong category and we welcome any corrections in attributes.

I guess nobody would want to claim Dennis Rodman now.