In 1998, Leisure Suit Larry became a household name via a PC game. The protagonist Larry Laffer did not start any adventure without visiting a casino in the hopes of earning a little cash to pursue the love of his life. Larry and the gambling world had a good relationship and now, their bond will be even stronger as the license has decided to launch a real casino based on the character. The new site combines the style of Las Vegas, top quality technology and only the best casino slot and table games.

The emphasis of this project is to fuse together the two worlds of gaming and gambling. The two worlds combine via the incorporation of specific dynamics found in video gaming and social games within real money gaming options. With LarryCasino, players will have access to real money online casino games but the mechanics used will be those found in social-gambling.

LarryCasino is offering a different experience that what can be found via social gambling, as players can compete for real money, instead of playing just for fun. Upon entering the new online casino, players will find the casino looks like a social gaming site as there are levels to complete. There are twenty-one areas within the resort where Larry resides with objects and characters that will unlock as the casino games are enjoyed. As objects are unlocked, coins are awarded and players can visit the Shop to redeem coins earned.

Within the few months that has been live, over 50,000 users have registered for a new player account via desktop, mobile or tablet device. The online casino allows a company to provide a new generation of online gaming experience in a first-class environment. LarryCasino is part of the Leisure Suit Larry series which is one of the most influential series found in the history of computer gaming. The game was created by Al Lowe and first launched via Sierra Online back in 1987. The saga began with Larry Laffer, a middle-aged, tacky man, who attempts to seduce women that are beyond his approach, ending up in the silliest of situations.

Players can try the new casino today to see what hilarious situation Larry has gotten himself into and will find a gaming experience like none other.