In Macau, a recent government-backed investigation of the local labor market has reportedly found that the city’s gaming industry is likely set to face a shortfall of well in excess of 7,000 native workers by 2020.

Official analysis:

According to a report, the results of the examination from the former Portuguese enclave’s Talents Development Committee were released yesterday amid a current backdrop of almost full local employment as well as a large pool of suitably-skilled workers.

Middle-management deficiency:

The official survey determined that Macau’s gaming industry is expected to require some 7,525 new workers by the beginning of the next decade with the largest shortfalls most likely due to be for mid-level management positions such as auditors, credit, security and collections supervisors, staff trainers and supply chain managers.

According to the report from GGRAsia, the gaming industry in Macau had some 57,246 full-time employees during the fourth quarter of 2018, which represented an increase of 1.1% year-on-year, while the investigation had been based on information from the previous three-month period. The inquiry also incorporated a list of likely in-demand future positions with casino technicians, card room attendants and facilities maintenance professionals among those ranking near the top.

Local jobs:

The investigation moreover included evidence to show that some 97.4% of those who are currently employed by Macau’s gaming industry in middle-management positions are locals. These individuals purportedly number 17,896 while some 383 of their compatriots work in senior-level roles, which equates to almost 77% of the overall total.

Imported employees:

Finally, the envisioned shortfall could force Macau to begin importing even more workers from mainland China or further afield. The city already has a well-established system for such employees although it additionally runs schemes that are designed to train and develop the local population so as to improve its upward mobility.