By early May, the government of Macau should be ready to release information on the gaming industry of the city based on a mid-term review. First started in May of 2015, the mid-term review will involve the gaming sector and cover a total of nine topics.

Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau Head, Paulo Martins Chan, stated to the media that the findings of the review would be a factual account of the industry, according to ggrasia. Chan also reported that the government of Macau is set to enhance financial requirements for new companies to offer services in the VIP gaming promotional sector. To do this, authorities of the city will have to finish up consultations on the subject with representatives of the VIP sector.

The mid-term review will cover the following topics:

  • Development of the gaming industry
  • Economic impact of the gaming industry on Macau
  • Impact of the industry on small and medium size enterprises
  • Impact on the society of Macau
  • Relationship between gaming and non-gaming sectors
  • Determine if gaming operators are in compliance with the terms of existing concession and sub-concession contracts
  • Reviewing the operations of gaming companies
  • Determine if gaming operators are staying in line with social responsibilities and management of VIP gaming promotion sector