The Statistics and Census Service has released the visitor arrivals for the month of November in Macau, showing an increase in travelers by 9.4% when compared to November last year. The increase resulted in more than 2.83 million more people visiting the city, with the numbers propelled by visitors from mainland China.

For the month, overnight visitors increased by 10% year-on-year with 1.51 million people staying more than one day in the city. For same-day visitors, Macau saw an increase of 8.8% for November when comparing the same month in 2016, with 1.32 million visitors.

According to GGRAsia, the number of travelers from mainland China was up just over 16% to slightly over 1.98 million. Of this number, 886,093 people were using the Individual Visit Scheme, which is a 12% increase from last year. The majority of visitors from mainland China were from Hunan province, Guangdong province and Fujian province.

The second and third largest markets for visitors to Macau is Hong Kong and Taiwan. For November, visitor numbers from Hong Kong had dropped 6.8% while Taiwan visitors had increased by a small 0.7%. South Korean visitors increased by a large 16.9% for the month.

When reviewing the visitor numbers from January to November of this year, the total aggregate number comes in at close to 29.56 million. This is just over 5% more than the same time frame last year.