The Baha Mar Casino and Hotel is not doing well, with severe issues threatening the facility. Just this week, Baha Mar was confronted by a gambling supplier seeking to repossess gaming equipment at the facility. PDS Gaming is a company based in the United States who filed with the Delaware Bankruptcy Court against Baha Mar, seeking the repossession of $16 million in casino gaming equipment being used at the facility.

PDS is alleging that Baha Mar owes just over $700,000 on two different casino equipment rental contracts. The Chief Financial Officer of PDS Gaming, Peter Carey, has alleged that PDS supplied Baha Mar with gaming devices and the associated hardware based on a contract signed in January of 2015.

Because Baha Mar has not paid the lease payments, Carey has stated that PDS Gaming is suffering financially. The gaming company claims that the Chapter 11 budget of Baha Mar did not make a provision for lease payments which would leave PDS to bear the risk of loss with no ability to recover. PDS Gaming is now going to file an Order from the Bankruptcy Court which will make Baha Mar complete payments or give the company the right to repossess the gaming equipment.

This is not the only problem the Baha Mar resort is facing. The developer of the resort, which remains unfinished, is claiming that the China Construction America company is trying to sabotage the project. Baha Mar developers allege that the CCA cut the power to the work site which caused the construction to cease. The CCA denies the claims, stating that Baha Mar Ltd is just trying to deflect attention from their mismanagement of the project.

Baha Mar has also accused the China Construction America staff of trying to take important documents as well as computers from the job site. The developers state that the documents and computers are essential to the assessment of the construction process left to be completed. Baha Mar is also alleging that the CCA could have been increasing the cost and expense of the project based on false accounting practices.

The issues continue to mount both against Baha Mar as well as by the casino resort officials. Only time will tell what is really going on and what will become of the still unfinished $3.5 billion casino resort property.