In India, the government for the small state of Goa has reportedly collected around $29.75 million from eleven of the area’s casinos after the venues begrudgingly agreed to pay a range of increased fees for their annual licenses.

According to a Sunday report from Asia Gaming Brief, the cash came from five of Goa’s floating casinos as well as six of its eleven onshore venues with officials now hoping to collect as much as $22.31 million further from those that have yet to pay.

Asia Gaming Brief reported that the local government’s decision to hike the casinos’ reoccurring license fees by as much as four-and-a-half times their previous rates caused protests and even led to the Crown Casino and the Casino Carnival Goa shuttering their gaming operations. But, the venues purportedly decided to pay after last month saw local officials reject a petition to lower the tariffs or institute a holiday while a compromise was reached.