Friday’s drawing of the Mega Millions resulted in major prizes won from the $142 million jackpot. A total of six $4 million lottery tickets were purchased last week after the winning numbers 4, 5, 10, 12 and 18 were selected, with a Mega Ball of 21. During the drawing, the low winning numbers provided 12 tickets with wins that matched five numbers but not the Mega Ball. Out of those 12 tickets, six players choose to add the Megaplier for $1, which helped them to win 4x the prize amount.

According to, the six $4 million tickets were spread across the United States to the lucky players who managed to match the drawn numbers. Winners of the massive cash prizes include players in New Jersey, Florida, Washington State, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Texas. These six added the Megaplier which resulted in more cash.

The remaining six winning ticket holders matched five numbers but did not choose to add the Megaplier. Four of those tickets were purchased in California and totaled just over $2.2 million. In the state of California, lottery prizes will vary based on the number of tickets sold as well as how many winners there are. A winner from Ohio and New York were also announced, with their tickets being worth $1 million each.

The biggest jackpot win from the drawing was a $142 million winning ticket, which was purchased in Ohio. The lucky winner managed to match all six balls drawn, including the gold Mega Ball.